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Common Questions

This seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Our Pros want to meet with you to present their products and services. For each completed no-obligation consultation they pay a fee to GoDabo, from which a donation is made to charity, no matter the outcome.

In order for the donation to be made, do I have to make a purchase or commitment to the Pro after the consultation?

No. The donation is made after the consultation is completed and the donation claim code is submitted. Certain consultation qualifications may apply to each Pro.

How long do consultations take?

They vary from Pro to Pro, but typically last from 30 to 60 minutes.

Who needs to be present for the consultation?

At least one decision maker must participate in the consultation.

Will consumers qualify for all consultations requested?

No. Each Pro has specific consultation qualifications. These are displayed once you choose a Pro with whom you wish to consult.

How many consultations may I request?

As many as you are interested in and qualify for. We encourage consumers to only meet with Pros offering products or services that they have a genuine interest in.

Can I refer anyone to the GoDabo program?

Yes. We encourage sharing this opportunity with friends, neighbors and family members via our social media links, email and word of mouth. Anytime you or your friends need a home improvement or personal service Pro, GoDabo and your favorite charity will always receive a donation.

Is there a limit to how much money a charity can earn from the program?

No. Donations per completed consultation range from $15 to $75.

When are the donations paid to the designated charity?

Donations are paid monthly.

Are the Pros on the GoDabo program reputable, insured, experienced?

GoDabo does its best to qualify each Pro it allows to participate in the program. Unlike our competitors, we limit the number of Pros per industry. We make every effort to pick the best possible companies for each category and require that they be licensed, insured and have a good reputation in their respective industry. Having said that, we encourage consumers to always do their own research on each Pro before making any final decisions.

If I complete the consultation and don’t submit the donation claim code, will the donation still be made to my chosen charity?

No. Submitting the donation claim code is very important as it enables GoDabo to confirm the completed consultation, bill the Pro, and thus make the donation to your chosen charity.

How do I get the donation claim code?

Upon completion of your consultation, the Pro will provide the specific code to you. They will also be able to help you submit the donation claim code to insure payment to your charity.

Are all consultations completed in person with the Pro?

Most consultations are conducted in person with the Pro. However, each Pro may set up its own consultation requirements, which may include in-person, telephone, webinar, etc. The type of consultation required will be clarified in the consultation requirements set by each Pro.

The American Red Cross and American Cancer Society are wonderful organizations. However, may I designate another charity to receive the donation?

Yes. The American Red Cross and American Cancer Society are our national charitable partners. However, you are always welcome to designate any other Guidestar registered 501(c)(3) or charity to receive the donation. You can designate a school, church, youth organization or other deserving group you wish to support.

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